Vegan Herbal Lip Balm (no beeswax)
This herbal lip balm is ideal for vegans and those who are allergic to propolis
CSFreedom™ Herb-Infused Oil fever blister, vegan lip balm, herbal cold sore remedy, cold sore lip balm, herpes
Get cold sores? This herb-infused oil is for you!
Vegan Herbal Lip Balm (no beeswax)
Get cold sores? This is the lip balm for you! Beeswax-free, vegan.
FireQuencher™ Herbal Lip Balm
Quench that fire! Formulated with Chinese herbs to soothe red, chapped, or irritated lips
LipIntervention™ Herbal Lip Balm
Break your addiction to lip balms! Formulated with Chinese herbs to keep lips smooth and healthy.
Tinted BeeswaxFree Herbal Lip Balm beeswax-free, vegan lip balm, no beeswax, lip balm, herbal lip balm, beeswax free lip balm, lip tint
Tinted vegan herbal lip balm adds a touch of all-natural color
RawRedemption™ Herbal Lip Oil raw lips, lip rash, burning lips, red lips, painful lips, chapped lips, cheilitis
Herb-infused oil for raw, irritated lips