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  • Anchorage, Alaska

    Excellent experience With this ointment 12/8/2016

    As an Oriental medicine practitioner I am working with a patient that has an undiagnosed rash - red, irritated, dry, very itchy. I prefer that someone get a Western diagnosis, however under the circumstances this wasn't possible. I follow your FaceBook page and decided to see what you had to offer because I've really enjoyed your posts about eczema and I know how difficult it can be.

    I ordered 3 products to try: AntiFungal external tincture, EczeHerbal ointment #2, and Qing Dai Gao.

    The AntiFungal and EczeHerbal were both soothing, but we didn't see much of a change. Then when we tried the Qing Dai Gao, last of course, we started to notice a difference. It seems to work best to apply the ointment then cover the area with a bandage.

    It's been just over 1 week and we're at about 70% improvement. VERY happy with the results.
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    Helped my 2 year olds molluscum 5/20/2020

    I don’t always make time for reviews but this product helped alleviate so much stress and worry, as I thought the molluscum was going to take over his face and body.

    I tried so many other otc and they all said it would take months to clear the molluscum but they never worked.

    Plus some of them burned.

    This worked in 48 hours. I put a small dot on a bandage and covered each spot for 2 days. He had over 40 spots, because as I tried other treatments they continued to spread like wildfire fire.

    I stopped bathing his upper body as well during this process as they are called water warts.

    I wish I could shout from a mountain top about this project. It doesn’t burn and works so fast. I now love this company! They are amazing.
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