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Herbal Facial Mask for Dry Skin

MelaHerbal™ Facial Mask Reviews

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  • Houston

    Burned like crazy(sensitive skin) 3/10/2016

    I I've slightly sensitive skin and was looking for an all natural product that wouldn't burn my skin. This burned so badly within 2 minutes of having it on my skin. I tried a second time and same results. This product looks like it could be good but I'm not sure because I could only have it on for a few minutes before I raced to the shower and let the water fall on my face as I scrubbed the mask off. But there was no lasting damage. So if you have sensitive skin, watch out.

    Reply From Zi Zai Dermatology 03/10/2016:

    We are sorry to hear this is how your skin responded to this product. The likely cause is the Fuller's Earth clay. Fuller's Earth clay is included in this product because it has been used historically to lighten and brighten skin. It also is known to absorb oil very well and is excellent for oily complexions. But clays of ANY kind can irritate very sensitive skin. We do not recommend this product for sensitive or extremely dry skin.

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