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Herbal Psoriasis Ointment

PsoriaHerbal™ 1 Ointment Reviews

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    Cleared Up My Psoriasis Completely 7/10/2019

    I have a drug induced psoriasis only on my elbows and two places on my scalp supposedly from a severe allergic reaction to a drug 3 years ago which put me in the hospital...I have ordered this product from you a few months ago and it has cleared up the areas entirely....I now use #1 periodically on the areas, mostly for my peace of mind, because I believe it is keeping the psoriasis at bay....I got this referral from an acupuncturist locally who has helped me tremendously with health issues...I will continue to use your product, be assured...but (fortunately for me anyway) do not have any "before" pictures that I took....Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Thank you again for these wonderful products.... I think they are just the best!
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    PsoriaHerbal™ 1 Ointment 3/7/2017

    I love the ointment and it seems to have helped stop the expansion of my rash. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks, so I need more time to check results. I do also know that I need to address this internally as well.

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